It took me a long time to find simple WordPress themes that I liked

I first started using WordPress when I joined at the Wealthy Affiliate University, and I remember how I couldn’t find any simple WordPress themes for me to use. Since I know how

I wouldn’t recommend or use any other caching plugin because Belfast Web design has all of the features you need and is extremely easy to install and use.

difficult it can be in the beginning when you’re first starting out in affiliate marketing, I feel that I should share with you what I’ve found in hopes that it can save somebody else out there a whole lot of time struggling to to find that great theme you are looking for.

The first simple WordPress theme I found was Socrates. This theme was created by Joe Comm and Dan Nickerson, and when they did so the purpose was to keep affiliates and other internet marketers in mind with the user friendly customization’s. It is Adsense and ClickBank monetized, search engine optimized, and comes with over 220 niche header design’s. The support forum is by far one of the best I’ve encountered. I had plenty of questions my first few months using this theme and every time Dan Nickerson answered them within a few hours. I was impressed to say the least.

There are several different options when buying the Socrates theme. You can buy a single site license, an unlimited site license or even a developers license if you are making sites for customers. One of the great things about this theme is that you can Try It Free For 7 Days with no obligation to buy, but if you’re a serious affiliate like me I’m sure you’ll want this one in your arsenal.


The next theme that I’m going to tell you about is iFeature Pro by CyberChimps which is my all time favorite, and it is the same theme that I’m using for this website at the time of me writing this. It’s something about this one that I particularly like, and I cannot quite pinpoint any one particular reason for me feeling this way.

I’m going to start by telling you that this simple WordPress theme allows you to select on any page whether you want a sidebar on the right side, two sidebars on the right side, a sidebar on the left and right side or even a full width page. On each individual page you can create a custom image slider that has all kinds customization options, and it is by far the easiest slider I’ve dealt with once I figured out how to work it. There is also a “callout section”, this you can put a call to action at the top of any page with custom text and a button that you can change colors to.

This theme is also SEO friendly, and unlike a lot of other themes that claim to be so, CyberChimps themes truly are. You can set meta data for your page title, description and keywords to tell the search engines what to display in the SERPS when your website is queried. There are lots of other cool feature it has that I’m not mentioning in this post, but if you want try the Free Version of CyberChimps and take it for a test run.

I personally use both of these themes, and still use them today. I’ve purchased the unlimited license of Socrates and a developers license of it, while I’ve also purchased iFeature Pro and its sister themes Business Pro and Neuro Pro. If you end up buying one of these themes through one of my affiliate links above I would be happy to share a tutorial video with you to show you around a bit and how I customize my sites with these themes.

I hope these simple WordPress themes can be of help to you, and if so please feel free to share this with a friend. 🙂

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