OptimizePress is a WordPress theme that was built with the internet marketer in mind. Unlike most themes that are available on the internet, this one gives you more control by allowing you to customize each page without having to know CSS.

The hundreds of built-in features eliminate the need to download extra plugins which can often slow down your site or even worse, expose your website to security risks. Most WordPress gurus would tell you to stay away from third party plugins as much as possible, so this is a big plus for me.

My Favorite Optimize Press Features:

  • Squeeze Page Templates
  • Sales Page Templates
  • Blog & Blog Page Template
  • Launch Pages
  • Membership Pages
  • Over 100 Built In Short Codes
  • Built In SEO Options
  • Exit Popup Opt-in Options 
  • Exit Re-direct Options
  • Built In Page Re-direct Options

I could keep adding to the list but figured you can go to the OptimizePress website to see the rest of the features for yourself.

After making my purchase and installing the OptimizePress theme, there were over 40 training videos in the membership area. It took me a few days of messing around with everything and figuring out all the features, but it didn’t take me long to come to the conclusion that this is now my favorite WordPress theme.

What Kind Of People Can Use OptimizePress?

Anyone who knows how to use WordPress can use the OptimizePress theme, but the built in functions are mainly geared towards internet marketers. This isn’t to say that you can’t use this theme for your every day affiliate or business websites because you can (Click Here to see a sample of a local business website that I built using OptimizePress) and I do.

I’ve seen some of the really popular consultants in the IM industry use this theme, so I kinda figure if it’s good enough for them it should be good enough for me too… right?

How Does OptimizePress Measure Up Against Other Premium Themes?

In my opinion, I think the answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for out of a WordPress theme. If you’re like me and want a theme that you can customize almost every aspect of every page, OptimizePress would probably be a good theme to have. If you’re looking for a theme that is already set up a certain way or style for your website, you might be better off going somewhere like Elegant Themes or Theme Forest.

The $99 price tag that OptimizePress has might seem steep to some people, but you can use the license on unlimited websites and the features it comes with are worth at least 5x that much – at least in my opinion. I’ve purchased other “premium themes” for almost as much and can tell you from personal experience that most other themes don’t even come close to comparing to this one.

I’ve heard that the owner might be raising the price because of the high demand, but if you order it by midnight on [date_today]Insert Your Text Here[/date_today] you should be able to get the $99 price when you buy.

[hyperlink_large_centered link=”http://sanduskyseo.com/OptimizePress” + target=”_self”]Go To The Official OptimizePress Site[/hyperlink_large_centered]

If you have any personal experiences with the OptimizePress theme, I would love to hear your comments below. Feel free to ask any questions about this theme also. When you want to sleep knowing that your online business is free of attack, visit cyber security professional consultancy services.