When I first started building websites almost four years ago, it seemed like I was trying to read Chinese (and no I do not speak Chinese). I was using a website builder that came with a yearly plan at Start Logic, and when I wanted phone support there was always somebody from India who could barely say 2 words in English. Mind you this was over four years ago so they could have changed by now (but I doubt it).

I remember there were several nice looking templates to choose from, but the problem was there were limited things I could do to customize it. This was a big problem, with a language barrier for the support system and no experience with html, I thought that I was doomed.

Now my hunt began for a website builder that I could just “drag and drop” the stuff I wanted to do. After a few days of doing research I stumbled upon a website builder called Weebly that allowed you to build a free website so that you could try it before you buy it.

Weebly was the “drag and drop” website solution to all of my problem’s, and boy oh boy was it just in the nick of time because I was close to blowing a gasket. To make it even better the price tag was even cheaper than the other hosting I had, and I could have up to 10 websites with my Weebly Pro account.

I made a video to show you how easy it is to use, you can literally build a website within minutes once you get good with using it. The video is about 6 minutes long and just goes over the basics of starting to build a website. I will make additional videos to show more of the features and how to use them.

How To Build A Free Website With Weebly

 You can see what I’m doing in the video a lot clearer if you view it in the full page view.

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