About Us

aboutusSandusky SEO is an internet marketing and website design firm that helps businesses reach more customers online. Through various advertising channels and strategies recommended by major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing), we can help maximize the return of investment on your advertising dollars spent.

Founded in 2011 by Jason Roth, Sandusky SEO has helped dozens of clients build an online identity that drives new customers and sales which has positively affected the bottom line of their business.

Many companies use a “take all the clients on that we can” approach to business, but Sandusky SEO does not accept all clients whom request our services.

While this practice may seem unfair to some people, its essential for our business to better serve our customers. Due to the significant financial investment required to achieve top-notch results and sales from your website, this is how we decipher the ones whom are truly committed or just looking for quick profit (the latter are generally impatient, and expect results overnight).